Please Welcome PAHH's Newest Homeowner!

Just four years ago, Anna and her children were fleeing domestic violence and were homeless.

Today, thanks to her own determination and support first from the Time Out Shelter and now Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, she and her kids are planning the move into a home of their own.

“In February, 2008,” says Anna, “It was very difficult to understand the plans the Lord had for my children and me.  I was living at Time Out, and initially, all I had was a very small bedroom, but believe me, I was very grateful for it.”

Believing in the spirit of a hand up, not a hand out, Anna had three steady jobs at one time and sometimes worked 16 hour days.

“Even though I worked very hard to make ends meet and pay my rent, I wanted to be able to have our own place.  I wanted to see the result of my work going into something lasting.  But looking at our economy and how the housing market was struggling, I just thought it would be impossible for my children to have a place they could call their own.”

“Then I found out about Payson Area Habitat for Humanity. I talked to a family that had already been approved for a house and learned how wonderful the program was, with no-interest mortgages. I wasn't looking for a “free ride.”

“I was looking for a chance, an opportunity for a tax paying family that was more than willing to pay a mortgage and invest their hours towards a bigger goal. With hope and courage, I applied for a house at Habitat. Throughout the entire process, I was treated with consideration, love and respect and all my questions were answered. Everything went very smoothly. On October 17, 2012, I got the amazing news: my family had been approved! I was speechless and cried and thanked God for such blessing.”

“My children and I are already dreaming about the day we will move into our house and we spend our evenings and weekends planning for this day. The children have already started packing! They have chosen their rooms, the color of the paint and what they want in the yard. A small swimming pool and a puppy are #1 on the list!”

 “As it is written in Jeremiah, the Lord knows the plans He has for you. We just have to trust in Him unconditionally. My family and I have not only been blessed by God with a house, but also with a wonderful family called Habitat for Humanity. We can only thank HIM and the staff and volunteers that have made our dream of our own house come true!”

If you want to help other hardworking families earn their own homes in the future, you can help three ways:

First, if you are able, please take advantage of Arizona’s Charitable Tax Credit before December 31.  PAHH is a qualifying charity. If you make a donation up to $400 for a couple, you can get a dollar-for-dollar credit back on your state taxes if you itemize. This is a separate credit from the schools tax credit, so you can do both. Ongoing monthly donations via our Carpenter's Club subscription are also most welcome!

Second, donations of furniture, appliances, housewares, tools, and building supplies to the ReStore are always welcome. We pick up the big stuff so you don’t have to move it!

And, we are always in need of volunteers at the ReStore, in the office, and for our A Brush With Kindness program which helps local low-income residents make repairs that they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Please call us at 928-474-0330 for more information.

We congratulate Anna for her accomplishment and we thank our Payson community for helping us so generously so that we can help even more families like hers!