ReStore Policies

We rely on you to help us keep our costs down so that we can continue to offer the amazing prices we do.

No returns or exchanges
All of our merchandise is donated so we can’t offer any warranties or guarantees. We conduct a thorough screening of our items to try and ensure only the highest quality items are accepted, but sometimes things may not work as expected. All merchandise is sold “As Is” and there are no refunds or exchanges except on a limited number of appliances that we are unable to test before selling.

Please come prepared with your measurements and make sure you measure the item you want to purchase. If it doesn’t fit, you can’t bring it back unless you want to donate it back to us. Remember the old carpenter’s adage – “Measure twice, cut once”. We have tape measures available for your convenience.

No bargaining
We believe our prices to be fair and reasonable and we do not bargain.

Holding sold merchandise
We will hold your purchased merchandise for a maximum 72 hours so that you may arrange transportation. After this time, the merchandise will be returned to stock and we will offer no refunds or credits. We will be happy to provide you with a donation receipt for the merchandise.

Loading guidelines
We will help you load your item(s) into your vehicle if personnel are available. We may only load items into a vehicle and will not place any item on top or outside of a vehicle. We will not tie down or otherwise secure your items. We do not provide any strapping, packing, or cushioning materials.