Why donate to Habitat?

adult helping senior in hospitalWith so many charitable organizations to contribute to, you might ask yourself… why Habitat for Humanity? One great reason is, because when you give to HFH, you’re donating to your local town, your local neighbors and quite possibly even a family member.

There’s an elderly lady at the end of your street. Even though her heater as been struggling to provide heat through the winter, the cracks in her walls and unsealed windows leak most of it out. Winter is almost over, but she’s already thinking about how to keep herself and her pets cool this hot summer. She’s signed up with Habitat for Humanity, but because of the lack of donations and supporters, she might have to wait longer than she wants to get relief.

Across town, there’s a single mother with her two children living in a poverty apartment. She’d let her kids out to play, but the local attendees of the complex act in a way she’d wouldn’t like her children to witness too. Her dream is to live in a safe place of her own where her babies can grow up into fine citizens of Payson… hopefully next to a school district. She’s on the list, hoping soon that more donations will help her accomplish her dream

There’s an elderly Vet who served this country, living in a rundown shack just outside of your neighborhood. Even though his spirit is strong, his body isn’t anymore. He’s having trouble reaching his higher cabinets and the steps on his front porch are extremely dangerous. It angers him that he can’t fix these problems with his own strong hands. Those fingers don’t hold things like they use too. He also needs a little help and is on the waiting list.

This is just a few of the many people who are in need, in your local neighborhood who Habitat for Humanity is trying desperately to help out. We care… shouldn’t you?

See… your donations help much more than families who escape from unsafe, unhealthy living conditions. You, by donating money, products or simply your time help to break the poverty cycle and build long-term financial security. You might not live in poverty, but some people around you do and we want to dissolve poverty in Payson before it becomes a part of your very neighborhood.

Research has shown that decent housing improves health and increases children’s educational achievement and strengthens our community ties. That’s what we need to concentrate on, strengthening our community. It can start today, it can start with you.

Thanks for the support. Habitat has transformed the lives of more than 3 million people around the world. Were you a part of this transformation? If not, there’s still a chance to be a part of the next.

Steven Andrew Cole