How can we help?

Brush with Kindness

ABWK helps low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain the  exterior of their homes, allowing them to reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. ABWK works in conjunction with Habitat's core building  program, enabling us to serve more families, increase opportunities for volunteers and expand your base of sponsors. Most importantly, ABWK is part of Habitat’s broader community development strategy called the  Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. 

USDA 502

The 502 USDA Guaranteed Mortgage, rural borrowers can obtain a loan with key benefits that you won't find with any convention program; however,  the direct loan is intended for very low income individuals who would  not be able to obtain any sort of financing for a suitable residence  otherwise.  

Home Ownership Requirements


The applicant(s) must demonstrate that their current housing situation has one or more of the following characteristics:  

  • Lack of decent and safe living conditions as defined by the Habitat for Humanity housing evaluation criteria.
  • Overcrowded housing conditions.
  • Excessive home rental expense. A family should not have to spend  more than 30% of its income for housing, not including utilities.
  • Applicants must have incomes that are too low to enable them to  secure conventional financing from a traditional lending institution.
  • Other facts demonstrating a need for the type of housing Habitat can provide, that goes beyond a personal desire to own a home.

Ability to Pay

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:  

Willingness to Partner

The applicant(s), must be willing and able to partner with Habitat  for Humanity which includes (but is not limited to) the following:   

  • Applicant(s) must be willing to contribute at least 250-500 hours of sweat equity  towards the building of Habitat homes, of which 60% must be completed  by each primary applicant, working at least 50 hours per month;
  • Must have resided in the Payson Unified School District for twelve (12) months prior to applying.
  • Applicant(s) must be willing to live in a neighborhood in which Habitat is currently building;
  • Applicant(s) must be willing to attend required workshops for success in home ownership.
  • Applicant(s) must pass a background & sexual predator check.
  • Applicant(s) must grant permission for a home visit.
  • Applicant(s) be willing to participate in a Homeowners Association  (HOA) and comply with Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions  (CC&Rs). (if applicable)
  • Willing to pay a $35 per applicant fee for credit/background check at time of application and before signing.